Scholastic Orders are due, Friday Sep 19

Hopefully, you have found the first set of Scholastic flyers in your child’s mailbox. We’re already well into September, so these ones are due back quick – Friday September 19.

Here’s a quick intro for those of you new to Scholastic!

How it works;
Every month, you’ll find a set of flyers in your child’s mailbox. Fill out the order forms at the back of the flyers. Return the order form and a cheque made out to LVPPP by the due date. This month the orders can be put in my mailbox (Amanda Procter). Orders typically arrive in 2-3 weeks; watch for your order in your child’s mailbox.
Each month, look for a note stapled to the front of the flyers with this same info – including the due date!

How does LVPPP profit;
Each month that we submit an order to Scholastic, Scholastic gives us 20-50% back. The more we collectively order, the more Scholastic gives back to us. So, if you place a $10 Scholastic order, LVPPP will earn $2-$5 to purchase resources for the preschool.