The Rijksmuseum and ING Bank have been working closely together since 2005 to ensure a broad public can experience the museum, with its rich art collection and historical knowledge. 

ING wants to make art and culture accessible to all, and to this end it sponsors a wide range of arts and cultural projects all over the world. ING is a main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum and Rijksmuseum Schiphol – the Rijksmuseum was the first museum in the world to open a satellite branch at an airport. 

The ING Rijksmuseum Days offer ING customers the chance to see the Rijksmuseum and its art in new ways.  

Since 2020, we have also been enabling people to experience the museum from home, through a special online programme. The ‘In het Rijksmuseum’ podcast series and all the museum’s digital courses and tours are made possible by ING. That’s how we strengthen the connection with our visitors and introduce new audiences to the museum.  

19:20 min. - Video-tour through the heart of the museum