2019-2020 Executive

President Laurie Gagnon
Vice President 4’s Laura Bertram
Vice President 3’s Dina Lanzi
Treasurer Mathew Bond
Secretary Laura Parkinson
Enrollment Chair Michelle Buxton
Personnel Chair Tara Sherman
PR & Marketing Team Chair Taryn Richardson
Repair & Maintenance Chair Libby Colenutt

Laurie Gagnon, President

I’m Laurie, and my son Eddie is in the 4’s class this year. Eddie’s big sister also attended LVPPP and is now starting grade 1 at Queen Mary Elementary. In my adult time I teach yoga and work at my friend’s bakery. In my role as President I will be working closely with your class VP’s, the executive, and the teachers to keep things running smoothly!

Laura Bertram, VP 4’s

Hello! My name is Laura Bertram and I will be VP 4’s this year. My family has been part of LVPPP for the past three years, and we have loved it! My daughter, Keira, is in the 4s this year, and my son Kaleb is starting grade 1 at Boundary Elementary. We love taking advantage of our beautiful neighbourhood, hiking in the Canyon, biking around, and playing outside. LVPPP is a natural fit for us – and it has afforded us all the chance to make some dear friendships along the way. I look forward to sharing a great year with you all!

Dina Lanzi, VP 3’s

I’m Dina and my son Luca will be in the 3’s class. This is our second time at LVPPP, as my daughter Mia, who is going into grade 1 at Ross Road, had a wonderful two years at the school. After previously being on the Fundraising Committee, this time around I’ll be the VP of the 3’s class. I’m originally from the UK, as is my husband, but we’ve been in Canada for 10 years now, and in Lynn Valley for 4 of those. We love living here and I’m excited to return to the preschool and be part of this amazing community again!

Mathew Bond, Treasurer

My name is Mathew and I’m excited to be part of the LVPPP family for the second year. My oldest daughter Wilhelmina is stoked to be in the 4’s class this year and my youngest daughter Coral will be starting in the 3’s class next year. My wife Michelle and I live in Lynnmour, close to Lynn Creek. I love to be in the outdoors, mountain biking, trail building, or on cross-continent road trips with the family in our camper van. I’ve worked as a transportation engineer, but am currently on hiatus from that, working as a day-at-home-dad and moonlighting as a City Councillor.

Laura Parkinson, Secretary

Hi there! My name is Laura Parkinson and I’m mama to two sweet boys. We also have a 2-year-old Shepherd mix, Benny, and my original baby, our really old cat, Jade! My youngest son, Hudson, is in the 4’s class this year, and my oldest son, Nixon, is entering into grade 1 at Ross Road. My partner,

Alex, and I both grew up in Lynn Valley and have actually been friends since Kindergarten! We love spending time in our Lynn Valley forests and getting to the ocean as much as possible. Alex’s film schedule keeps him pretty busy, but he hopes to connect with some of you at our PPP events over the coming school year. You guys will all see me a lot…I’ll be the lady taking the notes at the GMs and harassing you all to sign the minutes in the kitchen! As always, we feel so lucky to be a part of our LVPPP and we’re looking forward to another amazing year!

Michelle Buxton, Enrollment Chair

My name is Michelle and I will be your Enrollment Chair this upcoming school year. This will be my 4th year at LVPPP – my son Riley attended for 2 years and my son Rhys will be starting in the 4’s class this September. We have lived in Lynn Valley for almost 10 years and love to hike and mountain bike in our backyard. I’ve also recently got into running which I love to do after preschool drop-off. Looking forward to seeing you all this school year!

Tara Sherman, Personnel Chair

My name is Tara and I am the Personnel Chair this year, which means I’m the person you can come to if you have questions and don’t know where to find the answer, if you have a problem you need help solving, or if you just want to chat about how much you love it in North Vancouver! This is my third year at LVPPP and I am excited to be back! My eldest graduated from LVPPP in 2018 and now my youngest daughter Emily will be in the 3’s class. I love the community that we found when we became members at LVPPP and I look forward to meeting you all.

Taryn Richardson, PR & Marketing Chair

Hi everyone, my name is Taryn. I’m this year’s PR & Marketing Chair. I have three kids. My daughter, Holly, is going into the 4’s class. My oldest son also attended LVPPP for a year so this is our third year with the preschool. We moved to Lynn Valley from Kitsilano three years ago and are loving life on the North Shore. I’m looking forward to getting to know all the new families and catching up with everyone who is back!

Libby Colenutt, Repairs & Maintenance Chair

Hello my name is Libby. I am the mom of two lovely boys, my youngest being Thomas who is joining the 4’s class this year. I am an Early Childhood Educator, but have taken the past few years off work to stay at home with my boys. I love going on long walks through the forest, creating art with natural materials, and puttering around my garden pretending to be a farmer. My family and I have had a wonderful time these past three years getting to know the community at LVPPP. I look forward to seeing our returning families and meeting all of our new ones this year.