2018-2019 Executive

President Laura Bertram
Vice President 4’s Kathy Yeum
Vice President 3’s Lesley Cairns
Treasurer Laurie Gagnon
Secretary Laura Parkinson
Enrollment Chair Heather Cliburn
Personnel Chair Arezu Moshrefzadeh
PR & Marketing Team Chair Sarah Watson
Repair & Maintenance Chair Libby Colenutt
Grant Writer David Michelson

Laura Bertram – President

Welcome to everyone ! My name is Laura Bertram and I am the  LVPPP President for the 2018-2019 school year. I am a mother of two young children; Kaleb, who graduated from LVPPP in the Spring and who will be attending Boundary Elementary in September, and Keira, who is enrolled in the 3’s class this Fall.  Our family loves to ride bikes, go for ‘hikes’ in Lynn Canyon, and explore our own little corner of the world. We all feel very lucky to be a part of the LVPPP family. I am truly grateful for the friendships I’ve made through our community, and I look forward to starting the year with you all ! Feel free to email me at lvppppresident@gmail.com if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help you have a great year ahead.

Kathy Yeum – Vice President 4’s

My son, Leo, and I are excited to start 4’s class this year. After enjoying my previous role as Newsletter creator, I will be VP 4’s. I grew up in South Korea. I married my Canadian husband 7 years ago and came to the North Shore. We moved to Lynn Valley last
year and are settling to our new outdoorsy life. I look forward to seeing the familiar faces from last year and meeting the new families that will be joining this year.

Lesley Cairns – Vice President 3’s

Hi, I’m Lesley Cairns and my youngest daughter Chloe will be joining the 3’s class this year. My older daughter Madeleine will be starting Grade 1 at Boundary Elementary in September. I have stayed at home with our girls since Madeleine was born, prior to that I worked for the government in London, England where I lived for ten years. This is our third year at LVPPP and we are excited to be returning to this wonderful community!

Laurie Gagnon – Treasurer

Hi I’m Laurie Gagnon and my youngest child, Eddie Meszaros, is in the 3’s class. Eddie’s big sister, Harriet, just wrapped up two years at LVPPP and is now starting kindergarten at Queen Mary. I love getting to know the families at our school and you will
often finding me chatting in the playground at drop-off and pick-up, trading harrowing stories of life with children. In my adult time I teach yoga, work occasionally at a friend’s bakery, and marvel at how quickly these preschool years are flying by. I am Treasurer this year, so I’ll be tracking our budgets and handling your cheque requisitions. You can contact me at lvppptreasurer@gmail.com.

Laura Parkinson – Secretary

Hi ! I’m Laura Parkinson. Hudson, my youngest, who will be entering the 3’s class this year. This is our second year at the PPP as our 5 year old, Nixon, attended for year 4 last year and it was truly magical for all of us ! As Nixon enters into kindie at
Ross Road, Hudson is excited to have his time at the preschool, to make new friends and play on the tire swing twice a week 😉 I am a former Social Worker turned stay at home mompreneur – I have a home based business selling natural health products – I am so grateful to have this quality time with my children while they are still young ! We also have a Shepherd mix, Benny, that you will all meet at some point; he is super friendly and keeps us on our toes ! This will be my second year as the PPP Secretary so keep your eyes peeled for emails from me about our monthly GMs.

Heather Cliburn – Enrolment Chair

Hi my name is Heather, my daughter Caitlin is in the 4’s class. This will be my 5th year at LVPPP, my older children are 10 and 8. They both still love coming back to visit Nicola and the preschool. I work part time as an X-Ray Tech at Lionsgate hospital. When I’m not working I love hiking, biking and running, and in true preschool spirit, I do them all rain or shine.

Arezu Moshrefzadeh – Personal Chair

Hi, I’m Arezu and my son Nuri is starting in the 3’s class this year. My daughter, who starts Grade 1 this year, is an LVPPP graduate and loved her time at our preschool. The friendships we both made at the school are still going strong, and I’m so glad we got to be part of this community. I’m looking forward to being back and meeting all of you and your lovely kids. I am the Personnel Chair, I am here to help orient families to the school, assign jobs, conduct evaluations, help with staffing and offer help with any disciplinary issues. Most importantly, I’m here to assist you with any challenges you may have with preschool jobs, commitments, teachers, or other families. So please get in touch whenever you

Sarah Watson – PR & Marketing Team Chair

Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah, I am the PR & Marketing Chair. My husband Jamie is my trusty sidekick. This is our 3rd year at LVPPP as our son Wyatt moves into Kindergarten at Eastview and our youngest Lukas comes into the 3’s. On non-Preschool days you can find us cruising on our bikes, exploring our local forests and our favourite, the beaches. LVPPP truly is the best preschool in the world. We have made so many beautiful
friendships and memories and can’t wait to make so many more! Cheers!

Libby Colenutt – Repair & Maintenance Chair

Hello, my name is Libby, and I will be your Repair and Maintenance Chair this year at LVPPP.
My youngest son Thomas will be joining the 3’s class and Patrick, my eldest, will be starting kindergarten at Eastview.
I am an Early Childhood Educator, but have taken the past few years off work to stay at home with my boys. I like to putter around the garden, go for bike rides, try new recipes, create with natural materials, and spend time with family.
This summer was filled with many beautiful memories and new adventures for our family. The most memorable time was the night we camped at Birkenhead Lake. The peace and quiet amongst the majestic mountains was breathtaking.
My family and I have had a wonderful time these past two years getting to know the community at LVPPP. I look forward to seeing our returning families and meeting all of our new ones

Dave Michelson – Grant Writer

Hi, I’m Dave Michelson and my daughter Emily will be in the 4’s class this year. This is our second year at LVPPP and Linli, Emily and I feel most fortunate to be members of this wonderful community. In addition to helping to write grant applications
and championing STEM initiatives at LVPPP, I serve on the board of the Council of Parent Participation Preschools in BC. I‘m a professor in electrical & computer engineering at UBC. If you have an i nterest in grant writing or STEM, please feel free to contact me at davem@ece.ubc.ca .