2017-2018 Executive

President Cassie Allard
Vice President 4’s Sasa Drover
Vice President 3’s Amy Johnson
Treasurers Andrea Cornborough
Secretary Laura Parkinson
Enrollment Barbara Crystal
Personnel Chair Tara Sherman
Fundraising Team Co-Chair Sarah Watson
Repair & Maintenance Chair Elizabeth Colenutt
Grant Writer David Michelson

Cassie Allard – President

I am the mom of Elanor in the 4’s class. When I’m not at the preschool, you can find me across the pathway hanging with my son Griffen or working at the Ecology Centre in Lynn Canyon. I enjoy sewing and crafting, chocolate milk, and Netflix. My family likes to mountain bike, see movies, and eat cheese. I am happy to be returning for my 3rd and final year at LVPPP. I really enjoyed my previous roles as Newsletter creator and VP 3’s. I look forward to being president this year and working with all of you.

Sasa Drover – Vice President 4’s

This year at LVPPP I will be VP4’s and CPPP rep. My son Jack is starting the 4’s class after really enjoying his experience last year. Our family moved to North Van 2 years ago – I grew up here, my husband Stephen is from Newfoundland and is settling into our new outdoorsy Lynn Valley life. We enjoy camping, biking, and skiing. Stephen and I both work in the arts – theatre specifically, although I have been mostly a stay-at-home Mum since Jack was born. I look forward to seeing the familiar faces from last year and meeting the new families that will be joining us.

Amy Johnson – Vice President 3’s

Hello. My name is Amy Johnson and I am Elliot’s Mum. Elliot will be starting in the 3’s class this year. I am a new parent to LVPPP and Canada! My husband Colin, our eldest son Oliver, Elliot and I moved over a year ago from Melbourne, Australia. So far this has been an amazing adventure.
My role at the Preschool is the Vice President of 3s. Basically I’ll be assisting the President and VP4s to make sure everything runs smoothly.
I look forward to getting to know you all and having a great preschool year!

Andrea Cornborough – Treasurer

I am the mother of Matthew (3’s) and Leigh (kindergarten). My role at the preschool this year will be Treasurer. This is our family’s third year at LVPPP and we are so happy to be a part of this little community.

Laura Parkinson – Secretary

My name is Laura Parkinson, or Nixon’s mom as I am often referred to now! My partner, Alex Cargill, and I also have a 2 year old, Hudson. We are so happy to be a part of the LVPPP for this upcoming 2017/2018 year and I will be taking on the role of Secretary. Prior to February 2017 I was a social worker on the North Shore, working in Child Welfare. I am now pursuing a fulfilling home-based business and spending more time doing things I love – hanging out with my kids, meeting with friends, making jewelry, volunteering and enjoying being out and about in our beautiful Lynn Valley!

Barbara Crystal  – Enrolment Chair

I’m Mum to 3 boys. Oren is my youngest and will be going into the 4’s class this year. Adam & Elliot are his brothers, both in elementary school.Oren and I enjoyed being part of the 3’s class and look forward to lots more adventures and discoveries in the 4’s!
This is my second year at LVPPP and I am the Enrollment Chair. I look forward to meeting and spending time with all the new families.
At home I enjoy playing with my boys, being outside and exploring the local parks, trails & beaches. In my ‘me’ time I like to cook, read, and I draw, paint and create. My background is in textile design

Tara Sherman – Personal Chair

I’m a mom of two girls, Alexandra (Lexi) who is going into the 4’s class and her little sister Emily who is just 18 months this summer. I love being a part of the LVPPP community, I’ve met so many great moms (and families!) and the parent education nights are amazing! As Personnel Chair, I’m here to help with confidential family issues, assisting with any difficulties   with    your    preschool    jobs,    assisting    with    staffing    and    much    more!    My    Personnel    email is: LVPPPPersonnel@gmail.com – don’t be shy to send me an email if you need a helping hand.

Sarah Watson – Fundraising Team Co-Chair

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am the Chair of the Fundraising Committee for the 2017/2018 school year. My husband Jamie is my side-kick for all things preschool! We have two boys. Wyatt is in the 4’s class this year. Wyatt has a little brother Lukas who is 2. I am so excited for preschool this year! Reconnecting with friends, making new friends and really just soaking up this beautiful time we have here at our preschool. I look forward to seeing everyone and filling the Preschool’s bucket with love and bounty from our fundraising efforts! Cheers!

Elizabeth Colenutt – Repair & Maintenance Chair

My name is Elizabeth Colenutt, but most of you know me as Libby, and I will be the Repair & Maintenance Chair this year at LVPPP. My son Patrick will be joining the fours class this year, and I also have a two year old named Thomas. I am an Early Childhood Educator, but I have taken the last two years off work to stay at home with my boys.

My husband and I moved to Lynn Valley five years ago from East Vancouver, and have enjoyed taking long walks through the magical forest filled trails and dipping our toes in the icy cold creek. I like to putter around in the garden, go for bike rides, be in nature, and spend time with my family and friends. This past summer our family went on several camping trips, including to Porteau Cove, the Sunshine Coast, and all the way down to the Oregon Coast.

My family and I had a wonderful time last year getting to know the community at LVPPP. I look forward to seeing our returning families and meeting all of our new ones.