2016-2017 Executive

President Michelle Buxton
Vice President 4’s Lesley Cairns
Vice President 3’s Cassie Allard
Treasurer Andrea Cornborough
Secretary Christina Esser
Enrolment Samantha Ellis
Personnel Chair Andrea Ryan
Fundraising Team Co-Chair Laura Tayler-Hansen
Fundraising Team Co-Chair Holly Castle
Grant Writer Jennifer Marcoux



Michelle Buxton – President

This is my second year at LVPPP, as my son Riley will be part of the 4’s class in September. Riley has a little brother Rhys, who will follow in his footsteps to this preschool in a couple of years. We love the outdoors – especially camping, hiking and biking in the Summer and skiing in the winter. I also love to garden and grew way too many green beans this year!

I will be in the role of President this year and working with the VP’s, teachers and all families, I am here to help wherever I can to make the school run smoothly.


Lesley Cairns – Vice President 4’s

I am mom to two girls – Madeleine (Maddie) who is in the 4s class and her sister Chloe who is 18 months old. We love to hit the parks, beaches and trails on the North Shore. I have a background in international trade and investment but have been a full time mom since we relocated to Canada from London, UK when Maddie was a baby.  I am looking forward to being the VP of the 4s class this year and another fun year of play and exploration at preschool!


Cassie Allard – Vice President 3’s

I am the mom of Elanor (3’s) and Griffen (grade 1).  I really enjoyed my previous role on the communications team and am looking forward to being VP 3’s this year.  My role is to support the president, work with the executives, and basically help in any way I’m needed.  I’ll be a liaison between the 3’s class and the exec and a go-to for questions and concerns for some of the committees. I am a sahm with a little tutu business and my husband is a computer guy; creating software solutions for a medical imaging company. Our family likes chocolate, mountain biking, and TV.


Andrea Cornborough – Treasurer

This is my second year at LVPPP. My daughter, Leigh, is in the 4s class and i have a little guy, Matthew, at home. We are really enjoying being part of the LVPPP community. I will be continuing on as the Treasurer this year, which involves tracking our spending, setting the budget and reimbursing people’s expenses.


Christina Esser – Secretary

I am Mama to Alena in the 4’s class. Our son Tillan enjoyed LVPPP and is now in Grade 1. In order to maximize my time with my children I started a home day care for German speakers. Before that I spent 12 years working as a payroll benefit specialist and employee trainer. Every few years we like to spend extended periods in New Zealand or Germany. This year, I’ll be the Secretary at LVPPP, which involves keeping minutes of the executive and general meetings as well as keeping track of attendance at the meetings.


Samantha Ellis – Enrolment

I am happy to be returning for my sixth and final year at LVPPP.  It has been so much fun and my family has made so many amazing bonds over the years. Natalie is my youngest of three girls and I have spent time in a few different roles, but this year I am enrolment chair. I look forward to meeting, and spending time with, all the new families. In my other life, I am an occupational therapist working in the community two days a week and I love hiking, running, gardening and my book clubs.


Andrea Ryan – Personal Chair

This will be my third year at LVPPP. My youngest is looking forward to joining the 3s class and my oldest is about enter kindergarten.  I am going back to work as a teacher after taking 3 years off to be home with the kids. I enjoy going for family bike rides, exploring the local forests, and crafting. As Personnel Chair, I am available to assist with any confidential family matters, difficulties parents may be having with their preschool jobs, various evaluations, and staffing.


Laura Tayler-Hansen – Fundraising Team Co-Chair

I am mom to three super busy, kind and amazing girls, one of which is Teagan in the 4’s class. I am looking forward to another great year and to meeting the families at LVPPP. I work part time as a Public Health Nurse.


Holly Castle – Fundraising Team Co-Chair

This is my 2nd year at LVPPP, and it’s going to be a busy one! My daughter, Addison is in the 4’s class, and my son, Keenan will in the 3’s class. As a long time Lynn Valley resident, LVPPP is a special place for me as I attended myself almost 40 years ago! I look forward to collaborating and creating fun community-driven events as Co-Chair of our Ways & Means Committee (aka the “Fun” team) this year. I look forward to connecting with each of you, and welcome any feedback or suggestions on how we can enhance our annual events.


Jennifer Marcoux – Grant Writer

We are back for our fifth year straight at LVPPP! There are so many reasons why we are excited to be back with our third child, Meredith. But mostly we love having the opportunity to watch her grow and develop her own community. We have two other children, Delano (7) and Simone (5) who just graduated from LVPPP. I have held many roles at the preschool from Personnel to President and now Rob and I are taking on the Grant Writer role. Aside from spending time with my three kids, I love vacationing, crafty things, trail runs, wine with friends and attending foodie events. I also work as an HR Director for an Environmental Consulting firm.