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A Parent Participation Preschool is a community unto itself. As your child’s first “school” experience, it brings together a group of parents, children and educators to create a top-notch learning environment for all those involved. Your child will make his/her first buddies — cared and supported not only by teachers but also by the other parents on their duty days. Parents will learn valuable child-rearing skills and make friends within a network of involved and committed parents. This sense of community is fostered and strengthened through a strong commitment to family involvement within the school.

Family involvement ranges from orientation, monthly meetings and parent education sessions to cleaning days, fundraising and community activities.  While there is little doubt there is a definite time commitment involved in belonging to a PPP, the rewards both within and beyond the classroom are immediate and long-lasting for children and their parents.

Parents contribute to the school in many valuable ways:


Before a parent or caregiver can begin doing duty days, a minimum of 10 hours of orientation is required. Orientation activities are informative as well as social and include an orientation evening in the Spring (for parents), Newcomer’s Day in the Spring as well (for parents and children), an observation day for you and your child (optional),  classroom set-up day at the end of August, and attendance at spring Parent Education Seminars (also optional).

Duty Days:

Parents participate and assist in the classroom approximately twice a month. Being “on duty” allows a parent to observe first-hand their child’s growth and development throughout the year. Parents are required to arrive 20 minutes before class to assist in set-up and stay approx. 30 minutes afterward to clean up.

Parent Education:

On the first Wednesday of every month during the school year, we invite a speaker to the preschool. These informative sessions encourage personal development, offer parenting ideas, and build awareness of child development.  We have always been very fortunate to have amazing (and very sought after)  speakers come to our school. For more information see: Parent Education.

Monthly Meetings:

Monthly meetings offer parents a sense of community. As the group shares talents and resources, friendships emerge through the common bond of learning with our children. At these meetings the membership of parents, directed by the executive, discuss issues pertaining to the efficient and effective operation of the school. Monthly meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month during the school year.

Cleaning Days:

All parents are expected to do their part in maintaining the cleanliness of the classroom. Clean-up night happens monthly.   The cleaning schedule is prepared at the beginning of the year and members will be scheduled to clean two to three times a year, depending on enrollment numbers. Duty parents can send a substitute (spouse, sibling, etc.) to do their cleaning.

Fundraising and PR:

While LVPPP keeps its tuition fees at a low and reasonable rate, the Ways and Means Committee  conducts fundraising throughout the year in order to supplement our operating budget. Funds raised cover the cost of new educational resources (such as our amazing new playground water feature), building maintenance, promotion, etc.  Families are requested to support these efforts by attending the events as well as offering some volunteer time helping to coordinate.  Typical fundraising/PR  events include The Great Pumpkin Patch in October, Pub Night and Silent Auction, Open House, as well as other smaller efforts such as flower sales or Scholastic book orders.

Preschool Job:

Each participating family takes responsibility for one aspect of the administration of the school. Job selection is based on the parent’s interests as well as their time available to perform the job requirements.  Although always under review year-to-year, please refer to the Jobs Portfolio.


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