Jobs Portfolio

Parents contribute to the running of the school in the following ways:

Note: This list represents the job distribution of a typical year at LVPPP. Exact job descriptions and committee numbers will vary depending on enrolment, parent skills, and number of multiple-child families in any given year. Where indicated, a job may be more suitable for a parent of a particular class (3’s vs 4’s). Where a parent has particular skills/experience or interest in a particular job, we try to accommodate these requests.

Executive Positions:

The executive positions are elected at the May General Meeting and each Executive member is provided with a portfolio, which details the requirements for the job. These positions can be very rewarding and look great on a resume. The Executive meets at 6pm the first Wednesday of the month, prior to the parent education session and the General Meeting.

President: (must be from the 4’s class, or a returning family)

  • Responsible for coordinating the administration of the preschool; does his/her best to see that the Executive and the Committees function properly for the preschool to run smoothly and efficiently; the President chairs the General and Executive Meetings.

Vice Presidents (One for the 3’s class and one for the 4’s class)

  • Assist the President with the administration of the preschool;
  • Act as a resource to other members in the execution of their jobs;
  • Check phone for messages daily; call each position once per month to see how things are going;
  • VPs are expected to assist with major events at the preschool and assist other jobs when needed.


  • Responsible for all financial matters;
  • Maintains the preschool financial records on a computerized bookkeeping program, writes cheques and does bank deposits;
  • Currently is assisted by a paid bookkeeper.


  • Records minutes at the Executive and General Meetings;
  • Circulates minutes by email and posts them in the kitchen;
  • keeps track of attendance at the General Meetings and ensures that people who have missed a meeting sign the minutes;
  • updates procedures and deals with correspondence;
  • keeps the kitchen office supplied and tidy;
  • creates and circulates agendas before Executive and General meetings.
  • The Secretary should have access to a laptop computer and be proficient in typing.

Enrolment Chair (member of the 4’s class, or a returning family)

  • The Enrolment Chair has an assistant – ideally from the other class;
  • Establishes and maintains waitlist of those interested in the preschool;
  • Explains the philosophy and workings of the preschool to prospective members;
  • Updates and collects registration documents and orients new families (includes tracking of orientation hours);
  • Arranges observation sessions for prospective members; arranges teacher visit for new members,
  • Helps coordinate Newcomer’s Day, New Parent Orientation Meeting,

Ways and Means Chair: (member of the 4’s class, or a returning family)

  • The Chair has a committee to share the workload;
  • Plans and organizes major fundraising activities (Pumpkin Patch, Pub Night/Silent Auction, Theatre Night, etc.) to raise money in order to balance the budget;
  • Outlines typical fundraising events in newsletter ahead of time; notes funds raised from events in the newsletter.

Personnel Chair (member of the 4’s class, or a returning family)

  • Promotes good communication within the preschool and helps deal with any difficulties members may be having with jobs;
  • Coordinates the annual preschool evaluation and facilitates staff evaluations as necessary;
  • Models and reminds parents of confidentiality (by newsletter or by positive reinforcement);
  • Assists with Teacher contracts, and supports the President with any disciplinary issues.

Grant Writer:

  • The grant writer works closely with the Teachers, President and Treasurer to identify and apply for various grants.

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Non-executive Positions:

Parent Education Chair (member of the 4’s class, or a returning family)

  • Arranges education speakers for the monthly parent education and maintains the parent education library;
  • Ensures that members who are unable to attend the parent education session complete alternate parent education;
  • This is an Executive ‘member at large’ position.

Enrolment Assistant

  • A parent in the 3’s class who will be returning the following year;
  • Should be willing to take over the Chair position the following year (see Enrolment Chair under Executive Positions for more details).

Parent Education Assistant: 3’s class

  • A parent in the 3’s class who will be returning the following year;
  • Assists the Parent Education Coordinator and is prepared to take on position of Coordinator the following year (see Parent Education Chair for more details.)

Repair and Maintenance Chair:

  • This Chair has a committee to share the workload;
  • Responsible for keeping the premises and equipment in good repair;
  • Follows up to ensure jobs are completed in a timely fashion;
  • Checks job list 2-3 times per week.

Repair and Maintenance Committee Members

  • Works with the Repair and Maintenance Chair;
  • ‘Handyman’ experience preferred.

Garden and Playground Maintenance:

  • Part of the Repair and Maintenance committee;
  • Responsible for co-ordinating the upkeep of the outdoor areas (i.e. not expected to do it all personally, but should delegate or ask for help directly or via email, or set up a schedule), including ensuring paths and stairways are free of debris, mowing lawn, pruning bushes, and clearing a path to the preschool when there is snow.

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Resource and Inventory Chair (member of the 4’s class, or a returning family)

  • This Chair has a committee to share the workload;
  • Assists the Teachers in preparing materials for the program;
    • Purchases art supplies;
    • Refreshes library books;
    • Makes games and flannel board stories;
    • Collects materials for science projects, etc;
  • Oversees the records keeping of incoming and outgoing inventory and budget spent/remaining during the school year.

Resource and Inventory Committee (mix of 3’s and 4’s class)

  • The committee works with the Resource Chair;
  • One member of this committee serves as the Inventory Controller to keep records of incoming and outgoing inventory and budget spent/remaining during the school year;
  • Organizes year-end inventory and updates electronic inventory lists.

Social Chair:

  • Arranges refreshments for monthly General Meetings (including staying after the meeting to tidy up kitchen and classroom and put classroom back together, disposing of any food and running dishwasher if required);
  • Plans open houses and special events (ex: Special Person’s Day, Newcomer’s Day, Christmas Tree Decorating etc) and social events;
  • Organizes year end preschool picnic.

Ways and Means Committee (mix of 3’s and 4’s class)

  • Works with the Ways and Means Chair to organize major fundraising events – see Ways and Means Chair under the Executive positions for more details.

Ways and Means (Minor – 1-2 people depending on enrolment)

  • Responsible for minor fundraising activities, including but not limited to monthly Scholastic and Gift Card orders, Poinsettia orders in December, and Spring Flower Sale;
  • Encourages and promotes participation in these activities, sends reminders by email and in Newsletter, collects money and distributes purchased items.

Safety & Cleaning:

  • In charge of all aspects of maintaining a safe environment for our children;
  • Ensures that first aid supplies and earthquake supplies are updated as needed and that emergency procedures are maintained;
  • Maintains the stock of cleaning supplies in the preschool and keeps cupboard organized;
  • Schedules the monthly and year-end cleaning days;
  • Ensures that all the cleaning tasks are done on a monthly basis and the preschool is opened and closed on cleaning nights;
  • Checks fire pull system and exit lights once per month;
  • Safety check playground using checklist once per month.

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CPPP Board Representative:

  • Represents Lynn Valley PPP at the Council of Parent Participation Preschool Board Meetings on a bi-monthly basis;
  • Writes brief report to put into our newsletter, including an introductory on what/who is CPPP.

Scheduling and Orientation: (member of the 4’s class, or a returning family)

  • Organizes and circulates the duty day schedules for both classes;
  • In the spring after schedules have been posted for the remainder of the school year, joins the Enrolment team to help with Orientation Activities for incoming families, including Newcomer’s Day and New Family Orientation Evening.

Communications Team:

The communications team consists of the following 3 positions, who work together to distribute relevant material both within the preschool and/or to the general public. Although these are independent positions, there is a certain amount of overlap and these positions benefit by working together to share content (photos, calendar of events, links to other resources, etc).

1. Website and Social Media:

  • Maintains and updates the school website (;
  • Ensures website material is up to date, refreshes content as requested by executive;
  • Adds relevant material from monthly Newsletter to blog portion of website (ex: articles written by teachers);
  • Posts upcoming events on both website and social media (Facebook, Twitter);
  • Ensures teacher pictures and bios are current;
  • Works with Enrolment in January to coordinate waitlist requests submitted via website.

2. Newsletter and Photos:

  • Collects submissions from members and reports from the committee chairs following the monthly Executive Meeting;
  • Assembles and edits the newsletter; distributes the newsletter to each member in the week preceding the General Meeting;
  • Forwards emails to 3s/4s/both classes as needed;
  • Collects pictures throughout the year for Newsletter, also prepares year-end photo books for both 3’s and 4’s classes.

3. Public Relations/Special Events: (Ideally 2 people, one from each class)

  • Works closely with the Teachers and the Social Chair to organize preschool special events (such as open houses, Special Person’s Day, Preschool Fair, Newcomer’s Day, Christmas Tree decorating, end of year picnic, and parade decorating night, etc.);
  • Coordinates visits to the preschool (Elmer the Safety Elephant, etc.);
  • Keeps parents informed of the plans;
  • Handles advertising and promotions throughout the year;
  • This position is an Executive ‘member at large’ position.


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