OutsideLVPPP-8At LVPPP, we strive to provide the children with an environment that supports and challenges their intellectual, creative and motor development, within an atmosphere of physical and emotional security. Everyone in the school is valued as a unique individual, and we strive, as a group, to support each other’s personal growth.


Our curriculum is is based on what is relevant to the children in the program. It is designed to enhance the children’s areas of strength, and to stimulate them to new knowledge and understanding.

Outdoor play is an important part of our curriculum. We know that children need lots of fresh air and exercise. It not only helps to develop strong muscles and healthy bodies, but also helps children develop strong social skills. When out in the open, children get a sense of freedom and a spontaneous urge to jump and run. They begin to learn to get along with their peers in the liberating atmosphere of the great outdoors.


The physical environment provides many different areas of learning for each of the children in the program. On-going individual and group observations help determine which activities are offered. Physical safety is of utmost concern and the emotional environment is intended to meet the needs of each individual within the group setting. Each person is valued for “who they are” and “where they’re at”. Healthy emotional maturity comes from understanding who we are, and from valuing ourselves. Successful individuals are often those who are willing to “take a risk” and TRY something. The adults in the program help the children feel comfortable in taking risks by encouraging them to TRY. Adults are available to give help over “hurdles”, in order for the child to accomplish his or her goals.

Program Goal

Our goal is to provide children with a stimulating, rich, supportive learning environment that enable them to develop a strong sense of personal esteem and self-confidence.