Parent Participation Preschool teachers are specially trained to model useful and innovative parenting techniques, and to teach parents and caregivers to become effective duty parents within the preschool environment.

Our teachers are provincially licensed through the Community Care Facilities Branch and belong to the Parent Participation Preschool Teachers Association. Involvement in this association provides continuing professional development and the opportunity to exchange ideas on a monthly basis.

Libby Colenutt

Libby is our “teacher in chief” and she leads us with her enormous heart. She’s a certified ECE supervisor with a love for play-based learning and the PPP model. For proof, look no further than the fact that her two sons were students here themselves!

She specializes in creating a rich and creative space where children can play and develop in a safe and supportive environment. Her gentle and caring approach respects the individuality of each child as she helps guide them on their journey.

Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth (Liz) is an award-winning educator with over four decades of experience at parent participation preschools. She keeps trying to retire but the children won’t let her! You’ll find her at the helm of our local nature walks, kicking a soccer ball in the nearby field, getting out the power tools for an art project or helping the kids grow plants.

She’s a proponent of the play-based approach and aims to instil a sense of wonder and curiosity in each child. Through her fun and playful style, she encourages the children to learn self expression and we are delighted that she continues to bring her fantastic creativity to our school.

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