Parent Participation Preschool teachers are specially trained to model useful and innovative parenting techniques, and to teach parents and caregivers to become effective duty parents within the preschool environment.

Our teachers are provincially licensed through the Community Care Facilities Branch and belong to the Parent Participation Preschool Teachers Association. Involvement in this association provides continuing professional development and the opportunity to exchange ideas on a monthly basis.

Nicola VanHeyst

nicolavanheystNicola continues to provide a rich and stimulating environment for the children in the program. Having been in many roles at the PPP over the years (parent, student, assistant, supervisor) has given her a well-rounded approach to teaching at the preschool. She believes strongly in learning through play and supporting children’s emotional and social development in a safe and supportive environment.

She brings great enthusiasm for science and outdoor play to the program. She is passionate about exposing children to the wonders of nature.

Born and raised in Lynn Valley, Nicola has a special connection to this community. She volunteered at an elementary school and is a long-standing member of Team Finn  for which she has run numerous full and half marathons and has completed the Ride to Conquer Cancer nine times to date.

NicolaNicola has completed over 400 hours of professional development in that last 7 years, including several ECE conferences, Reggio-inspired courses, the Pyramid program and more.

She has implemented a number of new programs at LVPPP. An annual Lantern Festival, chick-hatching program, stick insect habitat, owl pellet dissection, dry ice experiments, shadow play, salmon spawning projects, and community Christmas tree decorating are some of the exciting activities that Nicola has introduced to the preschool.

Nicola has been on the executive of the PPP Teacher’s Association for the last three years, writing articles for the newsletter, acting as liaison for provincial teachers.

Quote: “I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of the LVPPP  and look forward to working with the children and their families who come to this wonderful school.”

Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Reid, Teacher at LVPPP Elizabeth’s (Liz’s) background training began in England with her obtaining her NNEB certificate and choosing a position as nanny for a Doctor’s family in Vancouver for two years. She then met Wayne and they were married in 1969. They had a daughter and Liz began to work in daycare and preschool. Her last position was for a PPP in Kerrisdale where she was employed for 33 years. After moving to North Vancouver with her family, she found commuting difficult and decided to retire and help with the family in their large family home where they all live to-gether. Their grand girls and Mommy and Daddy live up and they live down. Since her retire-ment she has kept her busy hands involved with children and ECE students and now she comes and works with the children and families at LVPPP.

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