Parent Participation Preschool teachers are specially trained to model useful and innovative parenting techniques, and to teach parents and caregivers to become effective duty parents within the preschool environment.

Our teachers are provincially licensed through the Community Care Facilities Branch and belong to the Parent Participation Preschool Teachers Association. Involvement in this association provides continuing professional development and the opportunity to exchange ideas on a monthly basis.

Libby Colenutt

I’m excited to introduce our new Teacher who comes straight from our LVPPP community!

Libby has been with the preschool for the last 4 years with her two sons. Libby is a certified ECE supervisor with years of diverse experience and a love for play-based learning and the PPP model. We are thrilled to have her stepping up at this time to share her talents and her big heart with children and parents.

Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Reid, Teacher at LVPPP

Elizabeth’s (Liz’s) background training began in England with her obtaining her NNEB certificate and choosing a position as nanny for a Doctor’s family in Vancouver for two years. She then met Wayne and they were married in 1969. They had a daughter and Liz began to work in daycare and preschool. Her last position was for a PPP in Kerrisdale where she was employed for 33 years. After moving to North Vancouver with her family, she found commuting difficult and decided to retire and help with the family in their large family home where they all live to-gether. Their grand girls and Mommy and Daddy live up and they live down. Since her retire-ment she has kept her busy hands involved with children and ECE students and now she comes and works with the children and families at LVPPP.

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