This iconic museum in the heart of Amsterdam is a must-visit for any culture lover. The Rijksmuseum houses more than 8,000 works of art from Dutch and European history, including masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh.

So much fine art in one place. Spent all day there and still didn't see it all! Really impressive and definitely a must visit in amsterdam.

Tripadvisor, *****

Downtown Amsterdam

You’ll find the Rijksmuseum on the Museumplein in downtown Amsterdam. Close to the city’s historic canals and shops and just 20 minutes’ walk from the Anne Frank house. Mix city buzz with chill time at the Rijks.

Familiar faces

What makes the Rijksmuseum one of the world’s most famous museums is the fame of the masterpieces in its collection. Like The Milkmaid by Vermeer, Self-portrait by Van Gogh, The Merry Family by Jan Steen and Rembrandt’s Night Watch. But so many other pieces in the collection could take you by surprise and capture your imagination. Like Breitner’s Girl in a White Kimono and the Asian Pavilion. No matter how old you are, or where you’re from, you’ll discover something new at the Rijksmuseum.

Absolutely beautiful. The art, the grounds and the audio tour are wonderful. If you're in Amsterdam, don't miss this

Tripadvisor, *****

See and do

There’s something for everyone at the Rijksmuseum. From guided tours to family games, workshops and theatre programmes. If you’re visiting for the first time, how about taking The best of the Rijksmuseum tour? During school holidays, we arrange special activities for young people, like an Escape Game.

The Night Watch: visibility temporarily reduced

Operation Night Watch offers a unique opportunity for visitors to follow the restoration of Rembrandt’s masterpiece live at the Rijksmuseum. We are currently studying the effects of vibrations on the canvas and how we can minimise any chance of movement in the canvas. These activities are temporarily reducing the visibility of The Night Watch. This work is an essential step in the restoration process, and we are unfortunately unable to avoid reducing visibility of the painting . This phase of the research project will continue until mid-September.

Live: Operation Night Watch

The Rijksmuseum is using the very latest technology to research and treat the Night Watch. Because Rembrandt’s masterpiece is the most prominent painting in the Gallery of Honour, we’ve chosen to restore it right there on site. Not behind closed doors, but in the Night Watch gallery for all to see. Visitors can watch the researchers at work live. In the museum or online. We call it Operation Night Watch.

Top Attractions

  • The Gallery of Honour with masterpieces by Vermeer and Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Jan Steen.
  • The Milkmaid and the Night Watch
  • The collection of doll’s houses, model ships and armoury
  • The Cuypers Library, the oldest and biggest collection of art history books in the Netherlands.


  • Download the Rijksmuseum app for special tours and smart routes.

  • Book your ticket online and choose your own time slot.

  • Short of time? You can easily see the museum highlights in an hour.

  • Book a guided tour. for yourself or your group.

  • Enjoy a high tea in The Café before or after your visit.

Daily 9 to 17h
Free for ages 18 and under
Fun for kids from age 4


  • Adults: €22,50
  • Free for 18 and under
  • Free for Friends

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Start time

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Only Friends of the museum can come when they want without making a booking.


Museumstraat 1
1071 XX Amsterdam


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Wheelchair access
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Lifts on every floor


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