What is a PIP?

A parent involvement preschool is not just about ‘preparing’ your child for Kindergarten. It’s a place where children come to play, investigate, explore, learn, discover and re-discover, build, experiment, create, imagine, inspire others and be inspired themselves… it’s a place where three to five-year-olds come to be three to five-year-olds, with all that’s wonderful and challenging about this age.

One of the best things about a PIP is the community it fosters.  Parents are there because they are committed to their children’s education and want to play an active part in it.  You will get to know other parents through all of the “involvement” in the school – by attending meetings, parent education seminars, fundraising, and yes, even cleaning nights. You and your children will come away with strong friendships and a stronger sense of community.

Yes, for parents it does require more effort and involvement but the rewards are so worth it. You get back everything you put in through the strength of the relationships that you build at a PIP. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to play an actual role in the classroom and witness an amazing group of three to five-year-olds flourish, develop, laugh, cry and literally grow-up in front of your eyes.

When you are looking at preschool options for your child, it is really hard to know what you don’t know, all you can do is trust that the teachers and families have your child’s best interests at heart – and at LVPPP they really do!