Are you sensory sensitive, do you make use of a wheelchair, or is there another reason that you may prefer a quieter museum experience? Read the tips below.


The Gallery of Honour and the 17th-Century and 19th-Century Galleries tend to the busiest parts of the museum. The 18th-Century Gallery, Special Collections and 20th-Century Gallery are usually less crowded. On the floor plan, quieter spaces are shaded green.


If it all gets to be a bit too overwhelming for you or the person you’re accompanying – don’t worry. There are some areas which are more quiet. Like the picknick room, between the Atrium and the Philipswing, see the floorplan.

In the weekend and holidays workshops are given here, it can be busier. Or at the begin or end of the 18th century at the 1st floor. The museum has a also a small stimulus-free room set aside with a comfy chair and low lighting. Please inquire at the information desk.


If you like to prepare your visit, download our special pre-visit guide. It explains everything from what the building looks like to uniforms our staff wear to where the information desk is, all illustrated with clear pictures.

It is only available in Dutch.


There are benches located throughout the museum. You can find them indicated on the floor plan. If you prefer to sit down wherever you are, you can also borrow a folding stool at the information desk. These are lightweight (1.7 kg) and can easily be carried over the shoulder.


Need to catch your breath? Come sit down at the Café, located in the Atrium. You can reach it via the lift or stairs to the right of the museum shop. The Café is usually quietest around 9h when the museum opens. The small café in the Philips Wing (open 11 to 15h) also tends to be less crowded, as is the coffee corner on level 1 (entrance from the 19th-Century Gallery, open 10 to 16.30h). The coffee corner can only be reached by stairs.


Is it impossible for you or the person you’re accompanying to visit the museum during daytime hours due to a sensory processing disorder such as brain injury, autism, burnout or other issues? Visit our sensory-friendly evening viewings instead. Find more information about the sensory-friendly museum for adults and for children.


Friends of the Rijksmuseum are invited to special evening viewings, when you can visit the museum without the crowds. In addition, you’ll enjoy unlimited free access to the museum and be first to see exhibitions. Friends are also invited to lectures and exclusive guided tours.

Friend membership is €50 for 1 person. If you require assistance to get around the museum, you may bring along a companion free of charge. In that case, your Friend membership is 2 for the price of 1. If you wish to purchase this membership, please send an email to

More information about all our Friend membership options.